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Fortissimo history

FFplus is already the 4th edition of successful Fortissimo projects.

FFplus builds on the methods and accomplishments of the Fortissimo project series, which have left an invaluable legacy in the European HPC and business landscapes. Starting with Fortissimo (2013-2016), Fortissimo 2 (2015-2018) and FF4EuroHPC (2020-2023), more than 130 experiments involving 330 partners have been executed, resulting in 120 success stories. These success stories have encouraged actors across the European industrial landscape to implement new digitalization technologies in manufacturing (Industry 4.0), and to develop new products and services that bolster the EU economy.

The aim of all Fortissimo projects stays the same: strengthen the global competitiveness of the European industry. Fortissimo has encouraged the use of advanced modelling, simulation and data analytics by European Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and midcaps involved in various industrial sectors. Such use delivers improved design processes, better products and services and improved competitiveness. For the European Union as a whole, this means increased employment and economic growth.