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Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH is a separate legal entity of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Cyfronet is one of the biggest Polish supercomputing and networking centres. Cyfronet is a specialised competence centre in the field of HPC and distributed computing. The centre is the leader of the PLGrid Consortium, consolidating resources of all major national supercomputing centres. Part of the Cyfronet R&D activities also include development of the science gateways (EPOS EPISODES platform, InSilicoLab for Chemistry and InSilicoLab for Astrophysics). Cyfronet is also the coordinator of Polish National Competence Centre NCC PL. Large part of the centre's activities is devoted to the industrial applications, pharmacy, automotive and medicine sectors in particular. 


Address: Nawojki 11 st., 30-950 Kraków, P.O. Box 6, Poland