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EXCELLERAT Podcast with Dr Guy Lonsdale: Empowering SMEs with HPC and AI - the FFplus Project

25. June 2024

Dr. Guy Lonsdale, CEO of scapos and FFplus Open Call Lead, discussed the FFplus project.


In the tenth episode of the HPC Podcast powered by EXCELLERAT, a discussion was held with Dr Guy Lonsdale, CEO of scapos and Open Call Lead, about the FFplus project and upcoming Open Call. Through the mechanism of Open Calls, FFplus aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing access to high-performance computing (HPC) and including start-ups, to develop LLM with the help of generative artificial intelligence (AI), Dr Lonsdale discusses the main challenges SMEs face in adopting these technologies and how FFplus works to overcome them. We also explore how the project engages new HPC users, promotes business benefits, and builds on the successes of previous Fortissimo projects. Learn more about the open calls for business experiments and innovation studies and the potential impact on European SMEs.

Listen to the podcast here. 

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